F is for Football

Back in September my hubby and I decided to attend a football game as a part of our date night challenge. We were crazy enough to go to another sporting event in the heat. What do they call doing the same thing and expecting different results? I believe it’s called INSANITY…I mean love!  The game took place at 7 in the evening so I thought that we would be ok but boy was I wrong. We had no shade this time so no refuge from the sun. It was nearly 100 degrees! Although we didn’t have shade, we had great seats at the end zone so it was an ideal location to get some great photos.

Mini Pep Rally before game with fans & marching band
Mini Pep Rally before game with fans & marching band
f date4
I loved that the players took a moment to pray before the game!
f date 2
Band and Cheerleaders getting the crowd hyped.

f date 3

f date 5
Ole Miss entering the field

f date 6

Half time!
Game over!

Smiling because the game is over! Ready to go :)
Smiling because the game is over! Ready to go 🙂

The game was just ok. The Texas Longhorn played against the Ole Miss Rebels. To the dismay of thousands of fans, UT played horribly and ended up losing the game. I wished they lost sooner! That game lasted for 4 LONG hrs! I tried to grin and bear it because my hubby was having such an amazing time but I was pretty miserable and ended the evening with a moderate case of heat exhaustion. The best part of the night was listening to the fans trash talk each other in the stands. There were some bold Ole Miss fans sitting among the sea of UT fans. Each time the Rebels scored we sat back and enjoyed the team rivalries around us. My least favorite part of the date was the HEAT and Smokey the Cannon! Smokey the Cannon is a cannon that UT fired anytime they scored. It kept scaring the crap out of me until one of the fans started warning me when it was about to be fired. Overall, this was my least favorite date. But anytime I get to spend with my love is worth the compromise. You have to take the good with the bad.

Where would you go for a “F” date? Share your ideas below!


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