Exploring the Bishop Arts District

Earlier this week I decided to explore the Bishop Arts District in Dallas with my cousin. It’s always fun to be a tourist. It’s even more fun to discover hidden gems in your own city. The Bishop Arts district is a historic and eclectic little neighborhood located in the heart of North Oak Cliff. It offers a unique range of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and more. What I loved the most about the area was the quirkiness. It spoke to my creativity. I also loved visiting the Artisan’s Collective, an art gallery that displays the work of local Dallas artists only.








I really loved the colorful turquoise and coral pink wire chairs at the Simply Austin furniture store. Unfortunately, they were $300 a piece. Whew! Too rich for my blood.



How cute is this mini statue of a dog with a crown? I may go back to a cute shop called Neighborhood just for that. I think it will look quite nice on my bookshelf.



Taking a look at all the pretty candles in Society. They were beautifully packaged. Unfortunately  I could not find any scent that I enjoyed. I’m more of a sweet and floral or fresh scent lover. These candles were more earthy.


If you know me well, you know that I love succulents and cacti. I have not yet mastered how to keep them alive but I have committed to researching proper care before I invest in more this year. I loved this shop called Dirt in Bishop Arts. They gave me some great inspiration for ways to display my succulents when I decide to venture down that road again. Oh,  don’t mind my purse. I was having technical difficulties with that second strap all day and my cousin didn’t even say a word smh!




After exploring the district for a little while, we were starving and decided to look for somewhere to eat lunch. I instantly gravitated towards a cute little restaurant called Oddfellows. I read the reviews on it and they sounded amazing. Unfortunately, they only sell breakfast and brunch. That would have worked fine for me but my cousin doesn’t have my same obsession passion for eating brunch at anytime of the day so I let her choose a lunch restaurant in the area instead. But first let me take a selfie…


{Outfit details:}

Sweater *thrifted

Skirt * H&M

Boots & Purse * Aldo (gift from Hubs)

Scarf * NY & Co.

We ended up going to a cute old-fashioned hamburger diner named Hunky’s instead. She ordered a burger and fries and I ordered fried zucchini and fries since I am trying to limit my meat intake for a while. Overall, it was very good.



After eating we decided to head back towards home in order to beat Dallas rush hour traffic. Overall we had fun exploring this quaint and eclectic neighborhood in the city. I shall be returning to eat at Oddfellows though because…hello, BRUNCH.


Until next time Bishop Arts District, peace.

Have you ever found a hidden gem in your city? Do you enjoy acting as a tourist in your town? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay inspired,



  1. Addie

    I have yet to really explore Bishop’s Art District despite everyone telling me to do so. I really want to get down there now lol. Especially for brunch! I’ll join you next time at Oddfellows! 😀

    1. creativityarise

      Sounds like a plan! It’s really cute. I think you would like it ?


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