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Have you ever noticed how adventurous you become when on vacation? I went to San Francisco on Saturday and I realized that I transform into a new woman when I am away from home. Seriously I think I have a different personality that shows up when I travel. I am like Braveheart with braids. I am open to trying exotic cuisines. I participate in activities that I normally shy away. I am excited to explore my new surroundings. Every step I take in the new area is more exciting than the last. After having a great day trip in the city by the bay, I sat back and wondered why am I not this adventurous on a daily basis? I wondered how exciting my life would be if I decided to take on the mind of a tourist everyday!


So I am challenging myself to wander through my new city like a tourist. I want to do something or go somewhere different when I have the chance. There are so many restaurants to try, attractions to see, and events to attend in the Houston area. All I have to do is get out there and explore! I would like to challenge all of you to do the same. Post your photos on Instagram or the Creativity Arise page on Facebook with the hashtag #everydaytourist so that I can see the exciting things that you are doing in your hometowns and cities. I will feature some of your photos right here on my blog.







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