Awesome August Day 7-9

Here are some interesting photos from day 7-9 of the Awesome August Photo Challenge.

Day 7 #holdinghands


I just love holding hands with my hubby especially while lying in bed. Love how his hands are so much bigger than mine as well as the contrasting colors of our skin.

Day 8 #pink
I ordered room service last night while the hubby was at ManPower and it came with these beautiful pink flowers.



Day 9 #nighttime
Well since my allergies have been going haywire today, I decided to stay in the room and try to get them under control so I can enjoy the rest of my mini vacation. So my night has not been to interesting to say the least. Here is the view from my hotel room at night.


Here is the view during the day.


Hope you all have been having a great week thus far. If not, no worries! Today is a new day…make the best of it!

Are you participating in this challenge? Leave me a link to your blog or your instagram name so I can check out your Awesome August photos!



  1. Snow

    I love your blog! Nominated you for the beautiful blogger award! xoxo

    1. brittany

      Thank you so much! I love your blog as well 🙂


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