It’s Saturday and I am currently lounging in bed, surfing the web grading papers! Fun stuff, right?!  I need a little break from all the analytical stuff so I decided I would try something fun. I pride myself in being very transparent with the readers of my blog. It has been nearly 2 years since I started writing Creativity Arise and I have a lot of new readers as well as some faithful subscribers who have been with me since the beginning. I want you all to have a chance to get to know me a little better. I also want to get to know all of you a little better as well. So today, I am going allow you to ask me anything you like! That’s not to say I will have an answer for every question, but I will definitely try. The twist to this is that I am going to ask you a question in return. Hey, we both have to get something out of this deal! I promise not to ask anything off the wall.  So help a sister out (so I don’t go stir crazy) and ask me a question you are dying to get an answer to. I’ll be here at my computer for a few hours at least!






  1. Skye Kilaen

    Okay so recently you’ve attended both SXSW events and the fashion show by yourself. That really spoke to me as I often shy away from doing things on my own. What would you say to someone who is reluctant to attend events solo?

    1. Brittany

      Hi Skye! Great question. If it is an event you really want to attend, I would encourage you to go! Don’t allow yourself to miss out because you are going alone. To be honest before I went to both of these events, I gave myself a little pep talk. I convinced myself that I was going to have a great time even though I was going alone. Positive thinking is key.

      The most stressful moment for me was just stepping into the event. For some reason, I had convinced myself that people would be looking at me strangely for coming alone. But I soon realized no one was checking for me LOL! Once you get there, familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Get some snacks or a drink and walk or make yourself comfy. People may come up and talk to you or if you feel comfortable enough to make small talk with other attendees. You will be surprised how quickly you can adjust to awkward situations. At the end of the day, I realized that I can’t keep letting anxiety make me miss out on things I want to do in life. Push yourself outside the comfort zone and I promise you will be glad you did. Hope this is helpful 🙂

  2. tianna

    What was your favorite takeaway from the events you attended? what inspires you to write/blog most?

    1. Brittany

      SXSW was awesome because I got to hear a lot of independent artists that I had never heard of before. I gained a greater appreciation for different types of music and even bought some. The Style Speaks event really made me want to continue my journey to being more social. I met some awesome people and we still keep in touch.

      When I started my blog, my main goal was to have a creative outlet. Over the years, I have grown to love it. What inspires me to keep writing the most is the fact that people keep coming to read it LOL! I’m still in awe of that. 🙂


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