What to Wear to a Blog Conference

You guys may remember that I had the opportunity to attend my first blogging conference, Blog Elevated,  back in September.  The first thought that came to mind before I even made accommodations was what do bloggers  wear to a blogging conference? Should I get dressed up or could I wear shorts and a t-shirt? Should I wear a dress and sandals? So many unanswered questions. I went to my trusty friends Google and Pinterest for some inspiration but there were only a few pictures. They weren’t really that helpful either.  I came to the conclusion that it would be better to be overdressed than underdressed so I packed dresses and sandals and black slacks and ballet flats for the event. I decided that my mission before leaving the conference would be to fix the lack of blog conference style photos on the internet. So I scoured the ballroom during a break at the Blog Elevated conference for some photo worthy blogger street style looks. I’m awesome, I know and you’re welcome 🙂 These bloggers were nice enough to be my muses for this project.

blog conference outfit ideas

Leslie of Southern Flair blog

blog conference outfit ideas

Addie of Old World New Girl & Cintia of Simply Cintia


 Deonna of Child at Heart blog and Tamara at Katy Moms Blog

blog conference outfit ideas

Jessica & Casey of Thoughtfully Styled

blog conference outfit ideas

Tosin of My Style Pad and Roxy of GrrFeisty

blog conference outfit ideas


Keitha of The Bajan Texan and Tiffany of Art Sea Chic





blog conference outfit ideas

 Pamela of A Renaissance Woman

Based on my observation of the attendees I concluded that there are 3 key elements for dressing for a blog conference.

  1. Comfort is a must. There is a lot of walking, networking, socializing at a blog conference. The last thing you want to do is be in some uncomfortable shoes or restrictive clothing. Wearing the wrong garments can definitely affect your mood at least for me anyway.
  2. It’s ok to be creative. Blogging is a creative field so let that spill over into your wardrobe if you like. You don’t have to feel like your style has to fit into a neatly packaged box. Yes there are brands and professional organizations present but you are also there to learn and have a good time so I say find a happy middle ground between business, casual, and creative.
  3. Be yourself.  Wear what makes you happy.


Here is a short video showing you all what I wore on day 1. Not the best video but it is what it is. I will get more comfortable in front of the camera over time 🙂

Hope this little guide was helpful for you all. Tell me, what would you wear to a blogging conference? Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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