Tone those thighs!

For many years, I led a quite sedentary lifestyle. I worked 12 hr night shifts running up and down the halls of the hospital so in my mind there was no need to do anything else. I gained weight because I didn’t follow a strict diet and I just sat around the house on my days off watching tv, snacking, and browsing the web. It wasn’t until I was gifted with chubby cheeks and a muffin top that I realized that I needed to move around a tad bit more!

Initially, I hated exercising but I have to admit I am enjoying it more and more these days. Maybe it’s due to the burst of energy I get afterwards or maybe its because I am seeing the results from my workouts…who knows. What I do know is that I tend to gravitate more towards exercises that are disguised in a way that I don’t feel like I’m exercising. I like to do things like walk a few laps around parks, down a few city blocks and around shopping centers.  I like doing yard work and I love to dance…in the privacy of my own home. I am not one for the gym so it was vital to find various ways to get a good workout in. Plus I’m saving money in the process of getting fit..#winning!

Anyway here is a video for one of the many dances I do at home to help me tone the thighs and booty while getting in a lot of cardio! This dance was all the rave in the 90s so I thought for this wellness Wednesday I would take you all back on a journey through nostalgia. All you 80s babies may remember this one. It starts off like this…the butterfly uh uh that old…let me see you…TOOTSIE ROLL!

I promise if you do this dance at least 2 times your heart will be racing and your legs and booty will be burning! Plus its kinda fun to go on a trip down memory lane in the process. I can remember all the times my neighbors and cousins and I used to do this dance in the middle of my driveway as the music played on my very 1st boombox. Ahh the good ole days!

P.S. remember to tighten those abs while you are dancing. It makes you feel like you are getting a whole body workout!

I know dancing maybe a little unorthodox for exercise to some but I say if it keeps you healthy, go for it!

Are there any dances you like to do for exercise? Share them with us!

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