The Cup Song- Extreme Edition by Paint

I love his remix of the “Cup Song” from the movie Pitch Perfect. I don’t think I am coordinated enough to try something like this but I really want to try it. I have a feeling that I would need to get lots of plastic dishes for this act though. I don’t want to be cleaning up loads of glass due to my clumsiness!

I love that he used his creativity to make this song even better than the original. His vocals weren’t too bad either! I am certain that I would sound like a dog howling at the moon if I even attempted to hit those notes.

Do you think you could recreate this song using cups for the beat? I would love to hear it. Send me a clip on Twitter @brittanylcarson. I would love to feature you on my blog 🙂




  1. Shannon (@shanbracken34)

    That’s awesome! My favourite “cup song” is Lennon & Maisy from Nashville… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_aJHJdCHAo

    1. brittany

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for sharing that amazing video.I had never heard these 2 young ladies but their voices left me speechless. So much talent in such little people! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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