Summer Ready Abs

Summer time is quickly approaching! We all know what that means. It’s time to shed that winter “insulation” and tone up to look chic those cute bathing suits, summer dresses, and distressed denim shorts. Luckily Tone It Up has a solution to help us burn the fat so that we will be ready for the beautiful tropical beaches in the coming months. Here is one of their awesome workout routines that works those abs, muffin tops and love handles. I can attest it burns good 🙂

I’ve really gotten into the exercises. Now…. if I could only get my diet under control, I would be in business! If you guys have any great healthy recipes, please feel free to share.

P.S. School is out for summer which means that I am “on vacation” for 4 whole months. I’m sure I will have to find a job or find something to do before then because I will probably go crazy from boredom. Until then I will have LOTS of time to devote to CA! I’m sure you all will keep me motivated 🙂

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