Primping in Pantone’s Colors of the Year

For the month of April, the Thrift It Clique decided to take on Pantone’s colors of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz, (better known to us regular folks as baby pink and baby blue but you didn’t hear that from me). I have loved these colors for a while now. I’m so glad that Pantone decided to elect these beautiful pastel hues for 2016. Now I can easily purchase and incorporate these colors into my wardrobe and rock my favorite pastels all year long. Surprisingly, it was easy for me to find these colors while thrifting for the shoot. While shopping, I stumbled upon a gorgeous serenity inspired pencil skirt and felt it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Serenity can be paired with neutral colors such as grey, black, white, and navy. It can also be worn with other pastels like mint green, rose quartz, lavender, and pale yellow. It can be paired with colors such as olive green, gunmetal gray, and even camel brown for an unexpected twist.  I knew by looking at the garment that there would be a lot of different ways that I could wear the skirt with pieces already in my wardrobe so off to the register I went. Luckily for me, the skirt was less than $5 and in excellent condition!

Thrifting tip: Make sure to visually inspect your garment in sunlight for any stains, snags, pilling, etc before buying. I usually stand by the nearest window and ensure that the garment is in great to excellent condition before investing in it.

I decided to wear the serenity blue skirt with black accents for a photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum. I love the juxtaposition of edgy and feminine so of course I added some leather bits into the mix.

pantoneOutfit details:

Leather vest (thrifted: Thrift World)

 Black tank (H&M)

Skirt (thrifted: Thrift World)

Shoes (Nine West)

 Jewelry (H&M)

I was also inspired by Instagram to rock my hair in the trendy two cornrows style because A) its cute B) it is hot and humid in Texas right now and C) because I can’t be bothered to fight with my unruly hair at the moment.

Photo credit: Gernelle Nelson

I am certain you will see this skirt styled again and again during this spring and summer! I have yet to work it to it’s full potential.

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Addie B. // Kendra T. // Gernelle N.

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  1. Addie

    Yes to baby pink and baby blue lol, break it down girl! Your edgy-chic style is so awesome, I love seeing it unfold in different outfits!

    1. creativityarise

      Thanks Addie. It’s so fun playing around with clothing and pairing it in different ways. I can’t wait to see how it evolves as I get older.

  2. Elle

    “better known to us regular folks as baby pink and baby blue but you didn’t hear that from me)”
    this made me smile. Loved your ootd!


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