One of those weeks!

Have you ever had one of those weeks that test your strength, faith, patience, nerves of steel, etc? This has definitely been one of those weeks for me! First off, I finally transitioned to EARLY morning classes(7 am) at the hospital. I am so not a morning person so waking up at 4:30 am and starting my commute by 5:30 am has certainly been an adjustment to say the least. I’m still exhausted.

Then on Wednesday my mom had surgery. It was so hard to be so far away from her as she went under the knife. Sometimes I really hate that we live on different sides of the country. I think I was more nervous than she was. The last time she had surgery she had major complications and ended up in ICU. Luckily her team was well aware of the issues from the last time so they were better prepared to care for her. She did pretty well and is now at home but of course she is in pain and has a lot of swelling.

My younger brother has been helping to take care of her since she returned home. Well today he went to the grocery store to get some products for her. He was stopped in front of her house waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so that he could turn into her driveway. I was talking on the phone to my mom as she was looking out the window watching my brother waiting to turn. Then out of what seemed like nowhere a truck came speeding over the hill and drove straight into my brother’s truck. Then the dude’s accelerator in his truck got stuck and his truck pushed my brother’s truck off the road and he veered into a telephone pole in a neighbors yard. My mother started screaming like crazy and yelling to call 911. Both my brother and the other driver were leaning over on their steering wheels. It totally freaked me out! Then all I got was the dial tone. Those were the worse 10 minutes of my day. All I could do was pray because I didn’t know how bad it was.

During that time, she went running out the door in her pajamas to check on them. Of course a person just having surgery shouldn’t be outdoors running, screaming, etc. but she is a mother. She did what she had to for her son. The offending driver was bleeding from his head and my brother seemed ok but my mom said he didn’t remember hitting his head. Let’s see if you guys can just guess what caused the accident.  I will give you 3 guesses but I’m sure you don’t need them. Say it with me now…a cell phone. The driver was looking down trying to answer his cell phone. When will people learn? Cell phones are really kind of annoying! I digress.

Well anyway it was bad situation but it could have totally been worse. The car my brother was driving is totaled. I thank God that he made it through. He is currently in the ER getting checked out because he was hurting really bad. My mom is now home alone waiting on my brother to be cleared. She couldn’t go to the hospital with him because the whole incident made her sick literally and now she is hurting even more. Thank God I have an amazing friend who went to the hospital to check on my brother. I love that girl.


Lastly,  I started feeling a bit under the weather AGAIN! (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!). I think I need to buy a freaking bubble. Seriously I am getting sick too easily here lately. I’ve been sneezing and coughing and my throat has been so freaking sore! My hubby said I was sounding raspy yesterday but today I am starting to sound like a mix of that T-Pain microphone and Barry White. I am feeling quite yucky. As a matter of fact as soon as I hear about my brother’s condition I am going to take some meds and go to bed.

Even though I had a very trying week, I thank God for one thing:



Photo credit: prayerprayer.net

Prayers can reach people even when you can’t. If I didn’t believe in prayer, I would probably been a nervous wreck after this crazy week! I hope your week has been going a whole lot better than mine. This is one of those weeks that I will definitely not be sad to put behind me.


Until next post, Brittany


  1. mlevel06

    Wow this has been a trying week for you it seems you know how to keep it together Prayer!! I will keep your family in my prayers also, stay strong

    1. brittany

      Thank you! I appreciate that 🙂


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