My wish list for Fall :)

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. I usually never want it to end! I love all the colors associated with fall- the golds, deep reds, the browns, and purples, and my favorite the rust/ oranges. I love watching the leaves change. My favorite part by far is that I get to get a break from all this HEAT here in Texas! Temperatures in my area range between the upper 90s/lowers 100s during the summer so fall for everyone is usually a welcomed change!

Anyway, of course like most of you I have a wish list of things I need want really badly for this fall season. I’m trying to limit myself to 7-10 things (we will see how that goes)! SO here are my must have items desired pieces for the upcoming season.

1. A faux leather jacket: I know some of you PETA activists are cheering while some of you fashionistas are saying faux leather? why? Well quite simply put, I can’t stand the smell of real leather jackets! (Strange I know!) I can purchase leather shoes but I guess because the jacket is closer to my nose the scent drives me crazy.  I would love a cropped one like this one from ASOS or one with quilted sleeves like this number from Urban Outfitters. I love the way the cropped jackets look with sheath dresses which I happen to wear a lot during the fall! I think they would look nice if paired with high waisted pencil skirts.

2. A pair of burgundy, deep wine or deep red pants! This has been on my wish list each fall but I never manage to get a pair for some odd reason. The ones that I gravitate towards are either sold out in my size or don’t fit me as I envisioned that they should. But this year will be different, I can feel it in my bones-and I plan to get a head start on the competition :). Here are a couple of pairs that I love the look of. I love these slacks found at Urban Outfitters. I think the pleats add a little chicness to a simple look. I don’t know how that would translate on me since I have a little bit of curviness in the thigh region, but I would be willing to try them out. I also like these straight leg trousers found at Loft.    The color is beautiful. It seems like I am growing out of the skinny jeans phase. I realize they don’t fit me as well as a normal straight leg trouser.

3. A pair (or 2) of flat boots!! Oh how I love flat boots in the colder months! They are so amazingly chic and comfortable and warm. A win-win-win for me! The price on the other hand-not so much. I am thinking that I would like to find a pair in a chocolate brown or cognac color this season. I have a pair of black ones already but they might get the boot this year since I really got my money’s worth out of them last year. I think I wore them every single day that I was off from work (which is like 4 days a week!). I seem to have an obsession with Steve Madden shoes and handbags so of course some of his products topped the list. Love the Intyce boots in cognac from his fall line. The mini wedge is so cute and the color is gorgeous. My only concern would be the circumference of the shaft of the boot being too big for my legs. I also like these budget friendly babies from Chinese Laundry. They are the color I love plus they are only $69 US and you get an additional 15% off at checkout through Macy’s today.

4. A pair of mustard or honey gold pair of pants or pencil skirt. Love this color during the fall. I have found them in the skinny jean and legging styles but as I mentioned before I am trying to deviate from this style of pants. By getting a classic pair instead I feel that I can use them for seasons to come. If anyone knows where I can find a pair of mustard pants or even a mustard skirt online, please let me know. I think they would look fabulous paired with a navy blue top or even a striped blazer!

5. A cognac or brown colored handbag-a definite must have for fall. I have a brown purse and even a cognac colored purse but I have had them for at least 7 years so I figured its about time for an upgrade! Here are a few that I adore. I love this satchel from Aldo. The tassel detail is on trend and the color is so rich. I could see myself using it for seasons to come. I also really like this Coach purse. It is a cheaper replica to the ever popular Celine trapeze bag that bloggers galore have been raving about.

6. DRESSES!! I love wearing dresses with boots and a faux leather jacket in the fall!

7. Last but not least I want a military inspired jacket! I love the edginess of these jackets! They can be paired with distressed denim as well as a high waisted pencil skirts and a tee shirt for that militant look. All you need to do is add a pair of combat boots (well maybe not) and you will be all set.

I most likely will not purchase all the things on this list since I am trying not to fall back into the habit of being a shopaholic. I have been doing so well with just purchasing what I need rather than everything that I like. Trying to save more these days especially since I have a passion for traveling now! Gotta have money for trips! What do you plan to buy for the fall season? I would love to see/ hear about it.


  1. storybookapothecary

    plum skinny jeans! yes! xx

    1. brittany

      That sounds pretty! Haven’t seen any in that color yet. What would you pair them with? My mind immediately went to black top & black round toe wedges.

      1. storybookapothecary

        you read my mind! It would be lovely for fall x


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