Money Saving Tips- Beauty Edition!

As you guys may remember from my Goals for 2013 post, I am trying my hardest to save more money this year. My husband and I set personal saving goals for ourselves and we have a little friendly competition going to motivate us to reach our goals. I have been trying to come up with effective ways to ensure that I keep more money in the bank without sacrificing all the things I love. One of the ways that I plan to do that is limiting my expenses from beauty services. I’m sure all you beauty gurus out there are shuddering at the thought! It’s ok though because you can still be fabulous on a budget. Here are few things that I plan to do.

1. I will not buy any more beauty products until I have fully used all of the products I currently own. *This includes nail polish, hair products, makeup, etc.*  The hair product restriction will most likely be the hardest thing for me to adhere to. I am a certified product junkie. My cabinet in my bathroom is currently overflowing with items. I am always trying some new product on my naturally curly hair to try to tame it. If I could just limit my spending on that alone I’m sure I could save at least $50 a month! I’m sure you ladies out there can relate.

2. I will use my makeup that I do not utilize in other ways. I have lots of eye pigments that I currently don’t use just sitting in a box on my counter. These could be used as lip gloss, nail polishes, blush, etc. I just have to think outside the box. One of my favorite bloggers, Kellie @ Le Zoe Musings, currently did a post on this. I thought it was such a wonderful idea.

3. I will be responsible for my own manicures and pedicures. I’m not even going to lie and tell you that I will stick to this for the entire year but I am going to try my best. I must admit I love a good mani/pedi especially after a long day of work. Those massage chairs are amazing! However the price tag of this service is a bit pricey. I usually end up spending about $70 or more if I throw in an eyebrow wax and tip. Youtube has some really talented nail artists who share a variety of tips with us on how to make our nails look like we just left the salon. Here are a couple of my favorites that I am going to try out.

I figure this will be a great opportunity for me to be creative and save a few dollars.

4. I would like to try to make some natural products for my hair and skin instead of buying overpriced products from the beauty supply store. I would love to create a natural deodorant, hair conditioner, moisturizer, lip scrub, etc for less than the prices that I pay for ready made products. If you all know any great recipes to try please let me know in the comments below.

5. Lastly (for now), I would like to learn how to maintain my own eyebrows. Hopefully I don’t end up with brows that are ridiculously uneven or even worse. Did you know that people set up accounts on tumblr and other social media sites like Pinterest just to talk about bad brows. I’m not trying to end up on the list. You can see some pictures of brows gone awry here and some of my favorites here. I will give it a shot but you better believe there will not be any photographical evidence if it does not go well. If all else fails, I will try threading instead of waxing. I’ve heard that threading your brows retains the shape a little longer thus saving a little money on the service. I’ve also heard its a bit painful so that is what has kept me away.

Do you have any money saving beauty tips? Please share!

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  1. Mrs. Gaeul

    Ah, I’m trying to cut back too. My problem is I hate passing up a good sale! But I’ve been trying to use more natural products so making my own treatments for my skin and hair have been a lifesaver.

    One of my good friends knows how to thread brows so I take advantage of her every chance I get! 😀

    1. brittany

      I can definitely relate to that. Those sale signs seem to have a hypnotizing effect. Thanks for reading & welcome 🙂


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