Is writing your passion?

Are you like me, working a job that doesn’t allow your creativity to shine? Would you much rather write a story, review, or blog post in your PJs rather than roll out of bed to punch a clock from 9 to 5 in order to pay the bills? Well do not fret! I have a suggestion that will allow you to have the best of both worlds (or at least a great hobby idea!) It’s called the Yahoo Contributor Network (YCN).

Some of you may be familiar with YCN and some of you may not. Either way I will give you a quick breakdown of how it works. First you must sign up to become a YCN contributor and do a questionnaire to elaborate on your interests and/or things you would be qualified to write about. After that, you will be directed to your assignment desk page. Here you are able to claim an assignment from the list that they compile for you. If you don’t see an assignment that fits your criteria,  you can write an article based on something you like and submit it for approval. Once you have written your article, you submit it and it is either accepted or rejected for publishing. This is the most nerve wrecking part of the whole process. It sometimes takes a while for them to get back to you. After a day or so, the committee gets back to you with an offer if your work is approved. It kind of reminds me of the banker on deal or no deal. They will give you the option to get paid upfront for Yahoo to have exclusive rights to your piece or you will get paid per click. And yes you really do get paid! I am a witness to that fact. The article is then featured on one of Yahoo’s pages for the world to see! Sounds pretty awesome right?

Well I know all this because I recently wrote an article after hearing a man’s success story. He wrote an article based on something he liked. It was placed on Yahoo’s front page. He got over 2 million clicks in one day and made $6,000 the first day! He will continue to get paid for clicks for the life of the article. I was amazed and figured I’d try it out.  What do I have to lose? I didn’t have to pay a dime and I like writing. It would be fun if nothing else.

To my surprise my first article got accepted for publishing! I was ecstatic. Even though I only made a few dollars, it definitely ignited my creative writing passion again and I have been writing like crazy ever since. So if writing is your passion, you should definitely check it out! You can also check out my debut article by clicking here!

Disclaimer: Yahoo Contributor Network is not endorsing me or paying me to tell you about this. I just like sharing my knowledge with my friends! If you decide to do it, happy writing! Let me know if you get published so that I can read your work!

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  1. This is so great to know, thanks for sharing 🙂 btw, I took the code from your sidebar and your button is now working on my site, I think you can only copy and paste it properly from wordpress for some reason :/

  2. I’ve changed my mind after reading the terms and conditions, you have to agree that there is no guarantee that you will recieve compensation of any kind and they can edit your work however they like but it will still have your name on it and once you submit it to them it’s theirs and you have no rights to it. It’s a good idea as long as you get paid but I would hate it if I wrote something which had a lot of views and I wasn’t paid and I wouldn’t like changes to be made to my work without my agreement. I wish you the best of luck with it though 🙂 xx

    1. They usually send you a copy of the work back as a preview of what they would be posting but you don’t have to agree with the changes. Only after your final approval would the work be published. They only changed a grammatical error on my article and only after I read through it and was satisfied did I agree with the contract terms. Now if you give them exclusive rights to the piece it is theirs but if you just want to be able to post it wherever you like then you can just choose the pay per click option.

      1. That doesn’t sound so bad, so would you basically be able to copy and paste your nursing article straight onto your blog if you wanted to if it was pay per click?

        1. You are able to share it however you like as far as I understand. But if you choose upfront pay then Yahoo has exclusive rights to your work. I would say research it a little more to ensure that I interpreted that correctly. That is my understanding though.

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