Here a stripe, there a stripe, everywhere a stripe, stripe!

So I will let you guys in on a little secret…I am obsessed with stripes! I love it on shoes, clothes, furniture, office supplies, pretty much anything.

So I thought I would bore you all with some items I am craving at the moment.

First up, this purse from Kate Spade! When I first saw it, I thought I would fall off the bed! I love the design, the price not so much! I am usually quite frugal when it comes to handbags due to the fact that I change them up so quickly. So this $400 price tag is well outside of my comfort zone. Hopefully someone is “inspired” to make a dupe of this bag or better yet maybe it will go on sale before the next millennium ๐Ÿ™‚


I am also in love with the striped blazer! I have always wanted one but I haven’t found one that A) is not extremely long and B) is not extremely tight in the bust and shoulder area. Blazers and jackets have always been a quite tricky item to purchase for myself but I digress. Here are a couple that I think are fab!


Love the silhouette of this blazer from Chloe loves Charlie. I could see myself pairing this with a colored camisole maybe in cobalt blue or fuchsia as well as a black pencil skirt for a very chic and classy look.


I like this gray and white striped blazer as well. It is a bit more subtle than the black one featured above. I could see myself pairing this with a white tee, a pair of jeans and a cute pair of ballet flats for a fall weekend getaway look.

Back in June I got this lovely top from ASOS.com. It was love at first sight! I love peplum dresses and peplum tops as well but only if they have low neck lines. This shirt met the criteria so she found a lovely home in my closet ๐Ÿ™‚


Isn’t she beautiful? This top looks absolutely stunning with a pencil skirt! That is exactly how I plan to wear it to an event I am attending at the end of the month. Unfortunately this top is now completely sold out on ASOS.com but I found it on saleย here.

And last but certainly not least, I really love this infinity scarf made by a seller on Etsy. It’s just the pop you need to jazz up a plain white tee. I believe this will be the next item I add to my collection (once my challenge is over of course).

So do you share my obsession with stripes or is there a different pattern that tickles your fancy?

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  1. storybookapothecary

    peplum top + purse = love! x

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    Click the link below to see the award I nominated you for!


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