Hello again + 2015 Goals

Hey everybody! It’s has been a while since I last blogged. We have some catching up to do! First of all, I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and Happy New Year!! Hopefully you didn’t gain weight during the holidays like I did. I just can’t resist all the yummy pastries at Christmas time. No worries though, it gives me a goal to accomplish during the first month of 2015. If you have been following me on Instagram then you may have noticed that I did quite a bit during the month of December. One of the best things I did during the holidays was visit New York City with my honey. We had the best time ever!! I will tell you guys all about that trip in an upcoming post.

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for new goals! I am limiting my list to 5 this year so that I can be more focused. Here are my top five goals for the year.


  • Goal #1: Be productive! I set this as a goal for last year and I failed miserably. I feel I had too many days where I sat around doing nothing. I was very lackadaisical. But I am carelessly lazy no more!
  • Goal #2: Pay off another student loan. My plan is to attack one per year. The one I am currently focused on is nearly $17,000. It’s going to be a heck of challenge but I would love to have it paid off by New Year’s Eve. I am telling you all this to help keep me accountable. I am even going to start a series on finances to show you all what I am doing to save money and pay off this debt.
  • Goal #3: Save more money! If I’m going to pay off my loan than I will have to find more ways to save money around my home and get myself a side hustle. Stay tuned for that!
  • Goal #4:   Go on more daycations! I live in a new area and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Houston and surrounding areas have to offer. So I want to take you guys along with me as I venture out and I plan to do it on a budget!
  • Goal #5: Spend less time on social media and more time with people. I know this may sound shocking but I actually enjoyed taking a break from some of my social media accounts and spending time with people I care about. I realized that although its nice to share my life with the world, it even better to live in the moment. The best moments don’t even make it to social media most of the time and I’m ok with that.

BONUS: Cook more at home. I have had one too many mishaps with my food allergy lately so I took this as a sign that I may need to learn to cook some of my favorite dishes at home. This way I KNOW what’s in my food and also I can keep the tip for myself 🙂 I started a group on Facebook called Keeping Our Coins as a dedicated space to share yummy recipes and money saving tips. If you guys are interested in joining, just click this link: here. Also if you would like to see more food related posts on Creativity Arise, click the like button on this post.

Remember to take the Black Eyed Peas advice and don’t wait for someday to make your dreams come true. Make them happen today!

What are your goals for 2015? Did you miss me? 😉 Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you all are having an amazing Friday. The countdown to weekend brunch has begun!

Stay warm and inspired guys!


  1. Diana Quartey

    Two of my goals are: 1. To read 50 books this year 2. Write a blog post once a week. Still working on my daily habits to get this achieved, but, so far, so good.

    1. Brittany

      Wow 50 books?! That’s a great goal. I am still working on finishing a novel that I started back in September. Best of luck to you! Let us know some of your favorite books 🙂


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