Gratitude: Day 3-5


I am grateful for the ability to watch church online. I love being a Christian and I embrace my faith wholeheartedly! I enjoy going to church on Sundays yet since we relocated to this remote part of TX we have not found a church that we feel like we belong at as of yet. Although we don’t have a physical building to run off to on Sundays, we are still able to get spiritually energized through our favorite church webcast The Potter’s House webcast every week. Thank God that He is ever present so we can praise Him anywhere and for the miracle of technology! I would encourage you to check it out if you are unable to go to church on Sundays if you like. Here is the link: http://www.tdjakes.org/echurch/


I am grateful to God that all of my family and friends and hopefully my readers on the US east coast made it safely through Hurricane Sandy! I was nervous there for a minute but most of my family and friends were minimally affected by the storm. My thoughts and prayers are with those who didn’t fair so well against Sandy’s fury. I pray that you can look at the rebuilding process as a chance to start over rather than reflect on everything that was lost. No doubt it will be a difficult task initially, but I know you all have the strength to make it through!


I am so grateful for my students! They sometimes frustrate me and drive me a little crazy but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Although I am the teacher I feel like I have learned a lot by teaching them. The biggest thing I have learned is patience and assertiveness. They also make me want to be a better instructor. I feel like I am doing well so the only way to go from here is up! They are awesome and I really appreciate them 🙂

So those are the things I am grateful for so far this week. What are you grateful for? Also if you haven’t checked out my giveaway please do so! One lucky winner could win a year long subscription to Elle Decor & Vogue! Who knows? Maybe it could be YOU!


  1. storybookapothecary

    These are so great! I love your notes on gratitude 🙂 It’s been good for me too <3 I've tried to remember those days and write accordingly! x

    Sunday : I am grateful for life and living. Sometimes it's just enough to take a deep breath and be happy to be alive and thank God I was lucky enough to be here and now.

    Monday: I am grateful I get Mondays off! I never have that dreaded Monday feeling and I get an extra day to prepare for the week, work out and help around the house.

    Tuesday: I'm really grateful that Hurricane Sandy is over. I know a lot of people have lost so much and much has been destroyed, but I'm also grateful we can help them rebuild.

    1. brittany

      Awesome!! I am grateful to have another day at life as well! So many people who I grew up with have lost their lives this year so Im just glad to be among the living another day!!


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