For the Love of Winter Tag!

As you all know winter is quickly approaching. I for one am very excited. Although I love the fall as well, winter is my absolute favorite season (especially because I get a break from these horrible allergies). So I decided to create this tag post entitled For the Love of Winter to tell you about my favorite things about this season.

1. What is your favorite thing about winter?

My absolute favorite thing about winter is the brisk cold air!! I know it sounds strange but I just love to walk outdoors and breathe in the chilling air without having to worry about my allergies flaring up. I also like that I get to experiment with fashion due to all the layering that is required during the cold winter months.

2. What is your least favorite thing about winter?

My least favorite thing about winter will definitely have to be the aftermath of ice storms. People in my area can not drive!! If you add inclement weather to that equation it becomes a freaking nightmare to try to get anywhere!   My husband and I always joke that TX must sell driver’s licenses in Walmart because the drivers here would never have passed the driving test we took in SC! During the last ice storm we had there were 52 car accidents in one day! The newscasters were begging people to stay at home LOL!

Health & Beauty

3. What are your favorite skin care items for the cold winter months?

My favorite items would definitely have to be a loofah to exfoliate dry skin and 100% shea butter or shea butter body butter mixtures! Both items leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

4. What’s your favorite travel size hand cream?

I love the Bliss brand hand cream. They are really expensive ($8 for a tiny tube) but they leave the hands soft without being overly greasy.

5. What are your favorite eye shadow/ lipstick colors for winter months?

During the winter months, I find myself drawn to reds, pinks, and purples for my eyeshadows and lipsticks. I also like nude for the lips as well.

6. What is your favorite hair product for the cold winter months?

I love the One n Only Moroccan argan oil from Sally’s ! It makes my hair feel smooth and sleek and it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

Fashion Preference

Boots: thigh high, knee high, mid calf, flat boots, or booties?

I love mid calf boots but my go to boots are definitely my flat boots! They are practical and chic and pretty much go with anything I put on.


Got these beauties on sale at Belk for $35 USD before Black Friday 🙂 I love them so much I ordered them in brown as well!

Layering: Cardigans, blazers, or pull over sweaters/jumpers?

I love, love, love cardigans! They aren’t overly bulky. They can go with jeans, dresses, skirts, or trousers. They come in different knits and colors. They are an extremely versatile item and very practical for layering. My closet is filled with cardigans!

Accessories: Hats, scarves, or gloves?

I definitely have to have my scarves! They are an essential winter wardrobe staple for me. The weather here in TX is bipolar so if its 45F in the morning by the afternoon it could be in the 70s or 80s so I really have no need for hats and gloves. Scarves will add a bit of jazz to any outfit no matter what the weather is like.

Dresses or pants (trousers)?

I love dresses in the winter. Strange I know. But all you have to do is layer a cardigan on top, add some tights and a pair of boots and you are good to go!


What is your favorite winter holiday?

Well this is a no brainer for me. My favorite winter holiday hands down is Christmas! I love it’s true meaning. I love that my husband and I get to travel back to our hometowns to spend time with our family. I love going to all the Christmas parties and dinners. And I love being able to give back to those who are less fortunate. Each year my husband and I “adopt” a less fortunate child from the Angel Tree and go buy items for them so that they will have a great Christmas like the other children. I also like that most people are more friendly and happy during the holiday season.

What is your favorite drink during the cold winter months?

My favorite drink is hot chocolate with marshmallows. It’s so yummy and warm. I love to drink it while snuggled up on the couch under a blanket watching my favorite Christmas movies next to the fire.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

My favorite Christmas movie is The Preacher’s Wife featuring Whitney Houston! I watch it every year. I also love Elf! I have seen that movie at least 3 dozen times and I still find it funny.

Would you rather…

attend a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve party?

Christmas party! I like getting all dressed up and playing the silly gift exchange games.

toast marshmallows in your indoor fireplace or outdoors at a bonfire?

Outdoors at a bonfire for sure! My cousins and I used to do this when I was younger. We would get sticks and matches and start a bonfire in a metal barrel my uncle had. We would make smores and toast marshmallows and tell funny stories around the fire. And a good time was had by all 🙂 Currently we have a burn restriction in my area but I hope to get to do this when I go home for the holidays 🙂

go north to New York City or south to Miami?

I would definitely go north to NYC. It’s already pretty toasty here in TX so I would want to experience a true winter like the residents of NYC. Bring on the snow!

bring the new year in partying at a club with friends, spending quality time at home with family watching the ball drop, at church praising God for blessing you to see another year, or having dinner with family and friends?

Well in years past I have done all of the above EXCEPT partying in a club. I don’t like partying. People always tend to act crazy, someone starts fighting and then bullets start flying and I don’t have time for that. This year I think I would like to have a dinner party 🙂 I always like to have a reason to decorate 🙂

create a New Year’s resolution or focus on something else?

I think I stopped creating NY resolutions about 2 or 3 years ago. I never kept them because it was just something I said in the moment. I have found that I am better at setting a realistic goal and working hard to reach it. I try not to limit myself to a certain time period.

go snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, or have a snowball fight?

I would love to go snowboarding if I could ensure that I wouldn’t slam into a tree LOL! A lot of people get brain injuries that way. My safe alternative would be to go ice skating. Although you can break some bones if you fall the wrong way I would rather risk that than have a life threatening injury.

Last but not least….

Tell me your favorite memory of winter.

My favorite memory of winter is spending time together on Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family. Every year my maternal grandmother would cook a HUGE meal for Christmas. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, mother, brother, extended family members would attend. Then after dinner we would all go to the family room and talk for hours telling stories of things that happened that year, funny memories from years past, etc. It was so much fun! We would be laughing until the wee hours of the morning. Some of us would end up spending the night over there because we would be there so long. I loved that house and all the memories I had there. We haven’t done our annual Christmas dinner in many years. My grandmother became ill about 6 years ago so she had to sell her house and now lives with my aunt. I will always cherish those memories though.

So there you have it. The for the love of winter tag! So I guess now you are wondering who I will tag to do this post. If you are reading this post, then TAG YOU’RE IT! I would also like to tag the members of GIG, FBL, and WFBC to do this as well. If you do this post then make sure you tag me in it so I can check it out!


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