Are you my granddaddy?

Tonight a random questionable dude pulls up next to us in a parking lot. My mom, sister in law, my 2 nieces and I are sitting there waiting on some take out. The guy signals to my mom to put her window down and starts a conversation. I just had to share this crazy exchange.

Dude: Hey beautiful. I saw you sitting here and I just wanted to know if I could take you to the zoo?

Mom: Um the zoo? I don’t want to see no stinking animals!

Dude: Well maybe I can take you to the aquarium?

Mom: No, too much water.

Dude: Well I didn’t just want to say can I take you to the movies.

Me: well that would have been better than the zoo for sure.

Dude: Well where can I take you?

Mom: How about Mars?

Me & Sis: ???

Dude: Well that can be arranged.

Me: ok ?

Conversation takes a turn to the dude flashing us a stack of money and telling us he is a rapper on the rise. He blasts his new single laced with profanity and woman bashing. Great first impression, right?
In the meantime, my nieces are trying to figure out what’s going on and who this dude is talking to Grandma.
My 6 year old niece then turns to her mom and asks “Mom, is that going to be my new granddaddy?” Everyone in the car breaks out in a fit of laughter!

The craziest thing is the dude was only a few years older than me. Apparently no one taught him how to approach a woman. I can’t believe this is what the dating scene has come to.

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