A Ram in the Bush

There are times in our lives when things look a little bleak.  Maybe you are searching for a job. You have put out more resumes than you can count and have pounded the pavement but to no avail. Perhaps you are having health problems. You have done everything in your power to improve the situation but the prognosis seems to be getting worse despite your efforts. Or maybe the bills are piling up and the paycheck was spent before it even hit your bank account. You are so broke that you don’t even know how you are going to survive the rest of the month. Whatever the situation is, I want you to know that your faith is being tested.

My friend, during the tough times I am always reminded of the story in Genesis 22 of Abraham and Isaac and the sacrifice. Abraham had so much faith in God that he was going to slay his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God. But before he could kill him, God provided him with an alternative, a ram in the bush.

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So even though you may be on the verge of calamity or in a full-blown crisis, remember that God loves us and He cares. He can truly make a way when there seems to be no way. There is a ram in the bush and it will be manifested when you least expect it. Just pray, have faith, and believe that there will be better days. The best is yet to come!

Be encouraged my friends. Happy Hump Day!


  1. Kami

    Thank you for this awesome reminder when it was very much needed!

  2. Veronica Lee

    I needed to hear this! Thanks for the great reminder.
    Happy Sunday, Brittany!

    1. Brittany

      Happy Sunday Veronica 🙂


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