The Drumline Killer

I have been bamboozled! Lol not really. I have just been making the mistake that so many make when it comes to our diet. We take those little cues such as your stomach growling loud enough that it sounds like drumline of a high school band practicing for a parade or those pesky hunger pains to automatically mean that we are extremely hungry! According to an article I read on the Live Strong Website, those cues are actually signaling to our bodies that we are thirsty, not hungry! Who knew?? And to think all this time I have been feeding the stomach monster within anything in sight to avoid the embarrassing drumline effect during meetings and classes when a simple glass of country gin (my cousins and I used to call H2o country gin throughout my childhood) would have done the trick!

So today I tested their theory. I haven’t eaten anything yet today (on my way though so don’t worry ). Every time my stomach gets a little rowdy, I take a big swig of water and it instantly calms the beast! So from here on out I plan to really evaluate if I am really hungry or if a tall glass of water will satisfy my cravings better.


Hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend! Let me know if you have tried this trick in the past and if you plan to try it soon.

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