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As I told you all in a previous post I have been getting into organization lately. Since it is raining- yet again- I decided to find a project to occupy another afternoon indoors.  As I was sitting in my bedroom, I glanced over at my built in book cases and realized that my jewelry collection needed a double dose of organization!  My necklace collection needed an immediate upgrade. So I headed over to Pinterest straightaway to see what unique things I could do to display my necklaces because my current storage method was atrocious! I came across some awesome ideas. Here are a few that I really liked:

 Love the necklace display found here. The next one is my favorite by far! It’s such a unique way to recycle a rake!

All of these were marvelous ideas but I was definitely not going to head out in the rain to try and track down these items. So I went on a treasure hunt in my home to see what I could use to store my necklaces. I found 2 tie holders and a iron candle holder that was no longer being used due to the fact the glass pieces broke during our last move. So I took those items and transformed them into necklace holders. Here is a picture of how I was originally storing my necklaces:

Aww…they look so sad and messy!!

And here is a picture of how I attached the candle holder and neck tie holders to the wall. I used cup hooks to attach-probably not the best idea but they worked! I was using what I had available!

Decided to turn the candle holder on an angle to make the display a little more visually appealing. After I got the holders attached I just started adding the necklaces until I got the desired look!

And of course I couldn’t just stop there! I had to organize all of the jewelry. So I headed back out on another treasure hunt and found two candle sticks that I decided to use as bracelet holders. I already had my bangles stored in a serving platter that was not in use.

So after the organization frenzy, I ended up with a cute little accessories corner.  I know I know I have a truckload of accessories. In my mind you can never have too much especially since I also make some of my jewelry! This was an effective little way to get my things displayed so I know exactly what I have. Here is the finished product.

I am satisfied with the results for now. I’m sure I will want to change it up a bit in the future. The best part is this little project cost me $0!  How awesome is that? I think my hubby was surprised to see my little corner because when he came home he said “everyday I come home to something different! That’s pretty cool though.” I think as long as he doesn’t come home to a wife with purple hair and a nose ring he is content LOL!

Have you been inspired to do any ideas from Pinterest lately? That site is a DIY lovers best friend!

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  1. Wow Brittany! What a collection you have there! It’s so cool to be able to reuse things not for their purpose. This is a great idea.

    1. Thanks Donah! Yes I have a huge collection. That crazy thing is that I gave away half my collection when we moved so you can only imagine how much I had before. It will probably be large again at some point because I make jewelry as well. Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. Oh wow, amazing. I can only imagine your huge collection! That’s so cool that you make your own jewelry… I wish I had the time to do the same. ha ha. just a thought, that would be a great blog giveaway, don’t cha think?

  2. AAAAAAHHH!!!! This is just the post I was looking for! I will be moving into a new apt. in a few weeks and hate how my necklaces are stored…I want to try the towel rack-y/hook thing-y. Where did you find that oine?

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