You are talented!


I found this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt very intriguing. We have all had our moments when we feel less popular, less talented, or dare to say it less blessed than someone else in our lives. Sometimes we even let that feeling of inferiority cloud our thinking. That can lead to you losing your mojo. You know that inner spark that makes us each unique.  I just wanted to encourage you to stop doubting your potential! God gave us all unique gifts. Just because you may not be able to do something someone else can, it doesn’t mean that you are inferior to them. It only means that you have been blessed with a different skill set. There is nothing wrong with that! I would like to challenge you to give yourself a verbal praise whenever you feel inferior. So for instance ” I might say “I may not be great at singing but I’m one heck of a dancer!” Or ” I may not be the best public speaker in front of a large crowd but I am pretty awesome at giving presentations in a small group setting!” You will be surprised at how positive thinking and speaking can lift your spirits!

Have a wonderful Monday all 🙂

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  1. jyokiviyella

    That was some good inspiration.Feel better.

  2. brittany

    Thanks for reading! I am feeling great 🙂


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