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Sorry my lovely readers! I know I have been sort of MIA for a few days but I am back in action today! I am currently on the move. I am spending nine glorious days with my family and friends on the east coast as well as doing a mini road trip to Florida with my mom and sis in law this weekend. It is sure to be a great time :). So as you can imagine this past weekend consisted of getting some last minute items done around the house like cleaning, laundry, and paying bills and of course spending time with my darling husband!

I always seem to have to have the tendency to have a list of things to do before traveling. Packing is always a big production for me. For instance, I had a mini fashion show in my bedroom in the midst of packing for my trip. Do any of you ladies try on all of your outfits before you pack to go away or is it just me? I can never just throw things into a bag for some reason. I have to try it on to make sure it fits. Then I have to find the right accessories to go with it such as jewelry, belts, shoes, etc. Once it gets my stamp of approval the outfit finally gets placed into my suitcase. Bet you never thought so much went into traveling, huh?

Well as I was packing I came to the conclusion that I don’t have a good system for transporting my necklaces. Once my suitcase is thrown around several times at the airport, my jewelry is usually comes out a tangled mess. So this time I decided to fix that situation. I created my own little travel necklace system by repurposing cardboard packaging from my laptop case and adding some clips I bought from Ikea.

Surprisingly it held up very well! The necklaces stayed in place and there were no tangles once I reached my destination!  A little repurposing and a little creativity saved me a whole lot of time detangling my jewelry. And just to think I was going to through that little packaging away. Well I hope you guys are having a marvelous Tuesday! Hopefully I will get to share with you all some of my exploits during my trip.

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  1. Mara (@EccentricOwl)

    Great idea! I’ve been using a tie-hanger for my necklaces; it’s so much better than a jewelry box!


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