A Little Wine with My Decor

Do you love wine? Do you save the corks to commemorate that fine bottle of wine that you and your friends savored during a special occasion? Can’t figure out what to do with them? No problem! You can transform a package of these….

into a rustic candle like this…

Or even a flower arrangement like this…

These two creations add a simple rustic charm to my living space. Here is a sneak peek at their place in my home!

Candle on the mantle 🙂

The flower arrangement pictured here on my kitchen table. It sits on a DIY burlap table runner  that I made!  FYI: I have a recent obsession with burlap. You can find it in several places throughout my home.

Here is a full shot of the breakfast nook.

Hope that gave you a little inspiration on how to display your beautiful collection of wine corks. P.S. If you don’t drink wine but love the look, you can order wine corks from eBay like I did!  The person who collected them had wine corks from different countries. It was cool to read the corks to see where the winery was located and I loved the purple staining on some of them. They added a special touch to the projects and even matched my color palette in my home decor.

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