Who died and made Beyonce the queen?

I know I am going to stir up the BeyHive with this post but the question of the day is…

Why are people obsessed with Beyonce?! 

I will give it to the girl, she is beautiful and  a very talented performer. But c’mon folks, what is with all the hype that surrounds the entertainer?! Sure she can belt a few high notes and dance her butt off but why the obsession? I guess my real question is for her stalker like fans. Why do you all go into full on rabid attack mode when anyone disagrees with something Beyonce says or does? I have noticed it a lot on Twitter and Facebook. I’m always like “really?!” Do you think Beyonce would come to your defense if someone didn’t like an outfit you wore? Oh and forget someone admitting to disliking one of her songs…the poor soul will be considered a hater, lame, have sixteen people cursing at them and telling them that they just wished they could be like her, and worse. Seriously some people take it overboard coming to “Queen Bey’s” defense on every little thing. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to read the Beyonce Fan handbook. Does it make you her #1 fan to have disputes with everyone in the comments section because they didn’t like Beyonce’s shaggy dog hairstyle at the Grammys?! (Just for the record, I did not like her hairstyle and I found the memes on Instagram comparing her to a wet dog to be quite funny. Who gon’ check me boo?) Really though, someone please enlighten me.

Confused in Texas

12 thoughts on “Who died and made Beyonce the queen?

  1. I can understand where you’re coming from, but as a big fan of Beyonce, I think she has such a large fan status now because of her exposure. In a matter of two years she had a baby, released two albums(one to no public knowledge) and just finished her world tour. I think this is actually the prime of her career. For a while she was known just for being a dazzling performer but now she is a trailblazer because of all the success she has had in a very short span of time. I love love love Beyonce not simply because she is a singer but because she is unpredictable. She definitely knows how to keep her fans intrigued. There are not too many celebrities like that.

    1. I agree she is very unpredictable which can be intriguing. She has definitely blazed her own path to superstar status by going against the status quo and she deserves props for that. But I still don’t understand the reason why some of her fans feel the need to attack people on these social media sites for disagreeing with anything that she does. It’s a bit excessive. Thanks for your insight and thank you for reading 🙂

  2. One of my closest friends is like that. For me, I admire a person who is talented and knows how to carry herself. But at the same time, people do take it overboard. I feel like people put celebrities on too high of a pedestal.

    1. I agree. Fans have to realize that celebrities are people too. They may be wealthier and have more fame but at the end of the day they are human. They make mistakes just like the rest of us. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. I am a huge Beyoncé fan but I think I’m one of the rational ones. I think her more stan-like fans ride for her so hard because people hate on her so hard for the simple reason that she’s famous. How many other folks get accused of worshipping the devil simply because they’re famous.

    On the flip side those memes were fabulously funny!

  4. OMG THANK YOU! I couldn’t agree more!! I’m so tired of Beyonce… she’s really talented and beautiful and amazing, but I kind of miss old Beyonce who did all her songwriting. Like can I get another song like BILLS ?! Lol I dunno I just miss her songs having that feeling of sassiness. I feel like they’re missing that now. I seriously hate her new song “XO” (sorry) . It sounds so formulated.

  5. Beyonce and I have been breaking up and getting back together for years. I really do like her, though, because she’s real. She’s a go-getter (putting out an album with no notice!!) and she’s an example of having it all. She’s very empowering and normal and strong all at the same time. She’s motivation for me.

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