What I Wore: Fashion X Dallas

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Fashion X Dallas as press! If you are not familiar with Fashion X Dallas, it is a 3 day fashion event that showcases talented mainstream and emerging designers in Dallas. Two days prior to the event, I received an invitation to attend. I was so excited!! Soon after I got over the initial shock, I went into outfit planning mode. After spending a half hour tearing up my closet, I was convinced that I had nothing to wear! It always seems that I never have the right clothes in my closet whenever I have to attend a fancy event. Does anyone else have that problem? This meant I had to do a little shopping.  After spending hours in the mall, I purchased a skirt and fringe bag from H&M and decided to resort to Pinterest for a little fashion inspiration for styling the pieces I already owned. Turns out my closet had cute outfits in there after all. It’s amazing how that happens.

Here is the outfit I wore to night one of Fashion X Dallas. I love love love the print on this skirt.



fashion x dallas

For day 2 of Fashion X Dallas, I decided to have a little fun and I allowed my followers on Instagram to decide how I should wear a little white lace dress. I provided 2 option choices and you guys hooked a sister up! Here are the two options.

fashion x dallas

fashion x dallas

It turned out that you guys really liked the black paired with the white dress so that is what I ended up wearing. I call this look the edgy wallflower. If I could only wear one look for the rest of my life, I would most likely choose a leather jacket, statement necklace, and a feminine dress with some edgy shoes. I love the juxtaposition of edgy and feminine.

fashion x dallas

For the last night I decided to break out some sparkle. I recently found a cute sequin vintage art deco inspired dress by Laurence Kazar while thrifting. As soon as I saw it on the rack I was like oh this is mine!   I was going to save it for the holiday season but figured now would be a great time to step out in this beauty. As Fergie says, a little party never killed nobody! This dress is the party.

Fashion X Dallas

And that’s all folks! Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay inspired.


12 thoughts on “What I Wore: Fashion X Dallas

  1. The white lace dress with the leather jacket and fringe purse is my absolute favorite look! It’s chic yet screams rock star, too! But you know I love a good vintage thrift find, so your Laurence Kazar dress is a favorite, too! You looked great for Fashion X!

    Old World New

  2. Sounds like a great event and you looked amazing!! I looove the fringe black purse and black booties with the white lace dress! Great choice!

  3. I cant decide what is my favorite between the day 1 and day 2. They are beautiful outfits and different styles, but those two are my favorites. I like the colors of the first one and the contrast of the second. Ah! They are all beautiful.

  4. I love the blue dress! I was fortunate enough to win a trip to Milan to see a fashion show last Fall. Of course, you have to either be in the biz or know the designer. If I knew some designers I would go all the time! They are so much fun!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 That is so cool that you got to go MFW! I would love to visit Paris or Milan. I’m shooting for New York at the moment.

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