June 24, 2017 is a day that will go down in history! What’s so special about that day? Well friends, it marked a major milestone for me. I finally ventured out on my first solo vacation! It was amazing. I would often tag along with the hubs on his business trips and spend the day exploring the destination alone while he was in meetings. This time I was completely alone! No boo to snuggle up to. No friends to visit in the area. Just me & Jesus roaming the streets of SD.  Those semi-solo experiences definitely helped to build up my confidence to go on this adventure all by myself.

Initially, I didn’t know where I wanted to go but I knew my destination needed to include a beach so I did a random search from Dallas to anywhere using Skiplagged and San Diego was the most inexpensive destination that fit the bill.  I literally booked this vacation 1 week before I departed and it didn’t even cost me a fortune. After a little research and some help from the San Diego Tourism Authority website, I was able to create a list of things I wanted to do in San Diego and oh the places I went!

The next time I return to San Diego, I am definitely going on the safari at the San Diego Safari Park. It looked like such a fun adventure. I decided I would rather share that experience with my husband. If you are considering #AWeekendAway in San Diego, check out the infographic below for helpful tips and tricks. Be sure to share it with a friend.

Until next adventure,


*A special thanks to the San Diego Tourism Authority for providing me with a museum pass during my visit. It definitely came in handy! *As always, all views and opinions presented in my blog posts are expressly my own.

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