Emerald green has been named the Pantone color of the year. I guess I could get down with that. Honestly when I first heard what the color of the year was I immediately thought about leprechauns, pots of gold and the luck of the Irish. I’m sure many of you were thinking the same thing. No? Awkward… where’s a neuralizer when you need one? (FYI: a neuralizer is the thingy they use on Men in Black to erase people’s memory.) Stay with me people.

Green is actually one of my favorite colors. I usually gravitate towards lighter shades of green but I think I could get used to this rich jewel tone. Although I like the color, I realized that I only have one top that fits in with this trend. I’m not about to run out and purchase any more clothing items in emerald. I don’t think it’s a color that I would wear frequently. There are only so many ways you could wear it before it became a little boring in my opinion. So my simple solution to this dilemma is to accessorize! I decided to show you all the different ways I would dabble in this trend without spending a fortune.

Luck of the Irish!

So do you plan to rock this trend this year? How will you wear it?

Until next post, Brittany

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