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Traveling has become one of my favorite things to do. When I was younger, my family and I frequently took vacations to Georgia and Florida. Occasionally, we would venture elsewhere. When I began my career as a nurse, one of the goals I outlined was to be able to save enough money to travel to places I have never been. So around 2010, I took a terrifying yet liberating step to becoming a novice traveler- I took my first flight. It was horrible! I promised to never step foot on a plane ever again. Then I realized that if I want to see the world I would have to combat my fears, trust God and keep moving. Nearly 3 years later, I have visited some of the most amazing places that I only dreamed of going to as a child. Now I suffer from a rather severe case of wanderlust. Just today I booked a trip for my hubby’s and my birthdays in May. I can’t wait.  I want to start sharing some of the awesome photos that we have taken on these vacations with you all. So I am designating Thursdays on my blog to travel.

First stop Chicago!

This was a rather short trip and the weather wasn’t  pleasant AT ALL. Most of the activities that we did were indoors (i.e. shopping & eating) and not very photo worthy. So here are just a few highlights from this trip. We hope to visit again during the warm summer months one year. Hopefully it will not be raining.


Sitting in lobby of Amalfi Hotel Chicago. I loved the decor. The service was amazing as well.


The Amalfi Hotel.

DSC_0036 Visiting the infamous Michael Jordan statue at the United Center with my dad. He is a sports lover.


Just driving through downtown. As you can see the weather was a bit dreary. DSC_0062

It was raining so my dad and hubby appeased me by allowing me to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was pretty cool.DSC_0064

Loved the colors in this piece.DSC_0065

View of another rainy day from the MCA lobby.DSC_0069

These little guys were positioned on a ledge outside the MCA. They reminded me of the Michelin man.


Well of course you can’t go to Chicago and not try the deep dish pizza! We tried 2 different restaurants.

As of right now our favorite is from Lou Malnati’s downtown.


We actually went to Chicago for my graduation from my Master’s program. Donna Brazile from CNN was the keynote speaker. It was extremely windy, cold and rainy that day. And these idiots brilliant people still made us have our graduation outdoors!  We were not happy campers!


The view of Navy Pier from our condo. Beautiful 🙂DSC_0130

The view of Millennium Park from our condo. It was so windy the water was blowing everywhere LOL!DSC_0165

And wouldn’t you know that the day we were leaving the sun decided to shine! I think it was a conspiracy.

Hope you all had a fabulous day. The weekend will be here before you know it.

Until next post, Brittany


  1. latestwithVR

    One of the best cities by far…if only I could deal with their weather. #SouthernGirl

  2. storybookapothecary

    so beautiful! You look cute in these photos !! Grats on your masters BTW! <33


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