The Weekend

So this weekend while I was out and about I decided to make a little video for you guys to give you just a sneak peek into my life. It was actually kind of fun. I am new to vlogging so please be kind 🙂 I did notice that I sound much differently than I thought LOL (very sing songy is that a word??) I tend to do things with my hands when talking (note the earring twirling) and that I am not steady with the camera nor do I hold the camera at the most flattering angles. Oh well. You live and you learn. Hopefully you guys get the picture and don’t stone me in the courtyard for my faulty camerawoman skills. So here is a 15 minute look into my weekend. I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you like this little series. Maybe I can add one a week or something. Its a little easier than blogging when I am not able to sit down at my computer.

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