The Last Quarter: September Goals

Can you believe we are in the last quarter of 2014? Time seems to be moving so rapidly. I feel like life is passing me by. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to be more productive this year. So far I don’t feel like I am meeting my expectations. So I am going to take the last 3 months of this year and try to make them as productive as possible!  





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In order to maximize my productivity, there are certain things that must be nipped in the bud. For starters, there can be no more sitting in the house catching up on shows on my DVR during the day. No more browsing Facebook or talking on the phone for hours. No more mid day naps during the week (unless I am sick then I will make an exception). Weekends are for napping- sometimes. I am determined to do more! I can’t relive the same episode of it’s Brittany’s life everyday. As a starting point I am setting 7 goals per month to accomplish. Here are my seven for the month of September.

  1. Wake up and get dressed by 8:00 am daily starting today. (I may need a shot of caffeine.)
  2. Update my blog at least 3 times a week.
  3. Get to 1,000 followers on Twitter. You guys can help me out with this by following me @BrittanyLCarson.
  4. Volunteer somewhere at least once this month.
  5. Join a meet up group and attend one social gathering.
  6. Get CPR certification renewed.
  7. Start studying for nursing educator certification exam. 

Hopefully successfully completing these goals will motivate me to keep moving forward.

Name one thing you want to accomplish this month. Leave it in the comments below so we can keep each other accountable!





  1. Aria Brown (@Aria82)

    I feel you! This year is moving very quickly and I too don’t feel quite where I expected, so let’s kick it into full gear! Great list!

  2. Veronica Lee

    Great list! I am totally with you – where has the time gone! There’s so much on my list that hasn’t been checked.

    1. Brittany

      Time has been stuck on fast forward it seems!


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