The Golden Phoenix

Have you guys seen this video on YouTube? I actually came across this video on His Fashion Blog and I had to share it with my friends! This cupcake named the “Golden Phoenix” is the most expensive cupcake in the world! How much would you think it cost? $100? $200? Try a price tag of over $1000 dollars! Now don’t get me wrong I love a good cupcake but seriously?? Who in their right mind would pay $1000 dollars for something that would last maybe 5 minutes? I would definitely need a return on that investment.I would have to give it a job!  I can see it now… “Step right up folks, $5 to view the most expensive cupcake in the world” (ok that sounds a little like Whitney Port asking for $5 to get a personalized tweet LOL).

Well maybe it can turn you into gold? Nope just it’s end products (a little too much huh?). All that gold in your digestive tract couldn’t possibly be healthy!

What are your thoughts about this outrageously priced piece of pastry art?

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