The countdown to travel begins!

I woke up this morning excited about our 3 city vacation that is quickly approaching! I can’t believe in a mere 2 weeks we will be embarking on a east coast adventure. First it will be off to Charlotte, NC & SC to visit family. Next we will be jetting to Washington D.C. to take in the sights and a little dining and maybe a cruise on the Potomac depending on the weather. Lastly its off to NYC (probably the most exciting part for me) for the weekend! In all there will be 9 glorious days of tourism and I cannot wait! I know its not an elaborate transatlantic vacation or backpacking tour of Europe but it will definitely be quite fun nonetheless! I’m even happier that the Senate passed a bill to end these furloughs so we don’t have to deal with the crazy flight delays. I hear this week was horrible for travelers. Now if the House will follow suit that would be great!


On another note, I was thinking about vlogging this trip for a change. I always take like a million pics but I think I really want to take you guys with us this time. I will have to sell the hubster on the idea. He doesn’t really like filming or taking pictures in public for some reason. We are total opposites in that area.┬áSo what do you guys think? Would you rather see pictures or video of our vacation for a Travel Thursday post? Let me know in the comments below!

Also if you have any suggestions about where we should eat, shop, or sights we should see, etc in any of these cities, please feel free to share!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans that you are stoked about?

Until next post,




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