That’s the Stuff I Don’t Like!

So right now I am in a ranting and raving type of mood. I am extremely fed up with some foolishness.com that I see in society and in my own personal life. I may be a little long winded so get comfy with your drink of choice cause this may be a lengthy list.

1. I absolutely HATE (and I don’t use this word much because I think its very harsh but for this subject I will) when people try to take advantage of me!! I consider myself to be a very smart individual. Most people know this but it still amazes me how people try to sell me a crock of crap and think that I am going to fall for it. Warning: Do not try to BS me because I will put you on blast! You will look like the very ass (donkey) you rode in on-STUPID.  

Case & point:

Mechanic: Your oil change will be $70 + tax!

Me: That’s ridiculous. You can bring my car out of the garage. I will take it elsewhere.

Mechanic: Well ma’am we already took the oil out.

Me: Well I’m sure you still have it in the pan so pour it back in and bring my car out because I am not paying you $70 for an oil change.

Mechanic: Well lets see what we can work out.

Me: Unless I am paying less than $35 with taxes included we have nothing to talk about.

Mechanic: Well ma’am that wouldn’t even cover the cost of the materials. You are 3 quarts low.

Me: Hold that thought- * on phone with Firestone*  How much do you charge for an oil change?

Firestone: Usually $40 but we have a special going on right now so you can get it for 32 with a coupon.

Me to Mechanic: Either I pay you 32 + tax or I’m going to Firestone across the street.

Mechanic & Manager: Just give it to her. 

I have never paid $70 for an oil change! Needless to say I will never go to Jiffy Lube again.

2. I can’t deal with disrespectful children. If you are a parent reading this, PLEASE make sure you teach your children to be respectful. I was in Forever 21 yesterday and this little girl wanted an item but her mother said no. Do you know this child (I’m estimating she was about 9 or 10) started screaming at her mother saying “OMG you make me sick. You never get me what I want.” Her mother then proceeds to explain to her that she had just bought her things from 2 previous stores and that was enough for this shopping trip. The child then put her fingers in her ears and says “Just stop talking to me. I’m not listening to you anymore.”  I just stood there rummaging through the rack in awe. If I ever screamed at my mother at that age or any age for that matter…let’s just say I wouldn’t be writing this post.

3. I don’t like when people try to “count my money” as my cousin says.  I have a job but that doesn’t mean that I am a personal ATM that you can use at your convenience. I have bills just like every other citizen of the world. I work hard for what I need/want. As a matter of fact I have several jobs (1 regular & 2 independent contractor positions). I dislike having debt. It really bothers me when people call me to ask for money ESPECIALLY when its not even for a good reason. Can you help me… insert stupid question here?

buy a new dress for a dinner party? Umm no!

buy a new pair of shoes? That’s a negative.

put a down payment on a car? Are you freaking kidding me? Why would I do that?! If you can’t afford the down payment then chances are you can’t afford the car note!

pay the remainder of my trip for Spring Break?  Child bye!!

Don’t get me wrong God has blessed me so I don’t mind helping people in NEED but I don’t like to be taken advantage of.

4. I don’t like when people share their personal relationship problems on social networking site and then have the audacity to state that others are “always in their business”. News flash: If you change your relationship status from in a relationship to single to it’s complicated every other week, people will start to notice.  Then of course it doesn’t stop there. They air all their dirty laundry by sharing every detail of an argument or their problem with a significant other in their status update. The next thing you know people are feeling sorry for the venting “friend” and start offering them relationship advice.

“Oh he’s no good ,you should leave him girl.”

“You shouldn’t put up with that”

“I think you should apologize to him, you were out of line” 

“He’s a bum, you don’t need him. Move on.”

“You’re too good for her, you need a real woman in your life”

Here is my tip to the advice givers on FB relationship statuses Don’t do it! It’s just going to come back and bite you in the butt. The lovebirds will be back together tomorrow and then venting “friend” will be upset that people were “all up in their business”. 

Note to venting “friend” if you don’t want people in your business simply keep your business to yourself! Problem solved.

Ok I will save you from reading anymore of my ranting tonight because I know I could probably go on and on! Some of you probably can relate. So leave me a comment below and let me know some of the stuff you don’t like.

Until next post,


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