That awkward moment when…

Lately I have been having a lot of embarrassing moments! So today I would like to share some with you that I have had over the past few years in a segment that I would like to call that awkward moment when…

1. That awkward moment when you are backing out of your sister’s driveway and back into the gate….and people in the neighborhood stop to stare at your awesome driving skills- YEP that happened just this past Friday as a matter of fact!  I promise that gate came out of no where LOL! I think I need to contact my optometrist to get my peripheral vision tested ASAP.

2. That awkward moment when…you are all dressed up in a dress and heels and you are trying to be cute to impress your hubby while going grocery shopping at Sam’s Club and then…your heel gets stuck in a pothole and you hit the ground and that fancy schmancy dress flies up in the process! YEP that happened as well last summer! People were like Oh my God are you ok? I wanted to say yes except my dignity went down in that pothole LOL! And what made it even worse…my husband didn’t even realize I fell until he heard all the people saying are you ok?! Talk about super embarrassing! I promise I can’t make this stuff up people! This moment probably would be a tie or even second place to my most embarrassing moment.

I know you are thinking…Brittany! Nothing can top that fall in Sam’s Club! But you my dear friend would be so wrong! I will make your day with this one… do you really want to know??? Well I guess I will share it with you 🙂 Let me just start by saying I was a teenager during this time so this moment seemed like the end of the world! But now I can truly sit back and laugh as I tell you these stories. They are just hilarious to me.

3. That awkward moment when….you have braid extensions and they decide to start falling out in a crowded restaurant! YES that happened!  I PROMISE I CAN NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP! It wasn’t just embarrassing that they fell out but the even more embarrassing part was that people in the restaurant kept freaking returning them!!! The waiter, the patron behind me, people walking behind me, etc. They were like “ma’am you lost something…” IT WAS by far the most embarrassing encounter I ever had! I know you are sitting there wondering why the heck were your braids falling out?! Well my friends let me explain. SO my family and I were on vacation in Florida for our summer break. I had done a lot of swimming in the pool for the entire week and we had gone to a lot of water parks during that time. For some reason it never occurred to me that I needed to wash the freaking chlorine out of my hair. I was about 13 or 14 at the time. So in a nutshell, a week’s worth of chlorine + permed hair= a major hair disaster! Not only were my braids falling out, my hair was falling out with them! It was the worse hair catastrophe I have ever experienced to date- no lie. All of my beautiful hair was ruined. I ended up going home only to have to get my hair cut in a very short style due to all the damage. It was truly awful.

Well I hope you all are having a great day. Have you had any awkward moments lately? Please share!! I would love to hear if anything can top mine!


  1. morningsongsandbedtimeprayers

    I so needed this laugh today! The fall, the braids! I am so glad that you shared your laugh with me! I was just starting to get frustrated.

    1. brittany

      Glad I could bring some joy to your day 🙂


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