Tell me why???

Recently I have heard several ladies in YouTube land and in my personal life say that they don’t wear their clothes twice. I had to get clarification and what I was told was you should only wear a garment once. They made it seem like some type of faux pas to wear clothing that you purchase with your hard earned money more than one time. I don’t get it O_o! I feel like that is a total waste of money!  I could see if they said I don’t wear the same outfit twice-meaning they use their creativity to create new looks with the same pieces. That my friends would be understandable. But to say I don’t wear the same garment twice is beyond me.

Isn’t the purpose of shopping to build a wardrobe of different pieces that can be mixed and matched over and over again to create unique looks? Shouldn’t you be able to wear that favorite dress or sweater or whatever again and again without getting a side eye from the next chick because you wore it before? I will admit I have a maxi dress that I am absolutely in love with. I would probably wear it everyday if I could. The thought of not being able to wear that dress again and again would probably break my little heart! I had someone point out to me this summer that I wore that dress last summer. 0_O….–_–…..?:| (those are my puzzled looks, just FYI). I kindly said to them yes and I probably will wear it in fall and winter and next summer as well. Usually I have to really love something to even buy it so of course I plan to use it! I don’t like to waste money. Even if I was “balling” like the Donald (Trump that is), I would wear my clothes more than once and use the money I save to travel!

I feel like this type of mindset is the reason so many people go into debt. They try to keep up with the Joneses and will do this by any means necessary. Who are “the Joneses” anyway?? I bet they aren’t that fabulous to begin with LOL j/k. I’m not saying everyone goes into debt to keep up appearances. Some people have fantabulous jobs and can really afford to have a disposable wardrobe. But it would seem like the average middle class citizen (here in America, not sure about other countries) would need to wear a garment more than once especially in this failing economy.

I’m rambling so I will stop here. But before I go please tell me why? Why do people do this? If you don’t wear a garment of clothing at least 2x, please enlighten me. I would love to try to understand your point of view. Matter of fact anyone with a POV on this matter I would love to hear from you!


  1. avecelan

    OH my, I didn’t know that anyone other than celebrities did this, and with eveningwear!? I could not afford to do this and right now I feel like I rotate the same ten or so outfits for work (in summer) anyway).

  2. keepingupwiththekelly

    I can’t believe this, I thought only celebrities did this. I don’t have the money to wear something different every day and personally I really enjoy wearing my favourite jeans. I think it’s nice to combine my favourite items with different accessories to make it look different every time and I have some classic combinations that work every time, why change a winning team? I think it’s ridiculous to wear something new every single day.


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