A Night under the Big Top: My Universoul Circus experience

“Fun, exciting, and a little nerve wrecking!“ Those are the 7 words my friend used to describe her first time attending the Universoul Circus. I would totally agree. This was my 4th time attending the show and it did not disappoint. It was as thrilling for me as it was for my friend and her family. This was their first circus experience ever. I loved … Continue reading A Night under the Big Top: My Universoul Circus experience

Moving Pains

Woo sah! I can now breathe a big sigh of relief as we have finally moved to our new assignment location outside Houston, Texas! We found out that we would be relocating to the Houston area a mere 2 weeks before my husband needed to start his new position. Can you say stressed out?! We had to pack our house, drive back and forth to … Continue reading Moving Pains

ABC date night challenge continues for 2014!

I set out to complete the ABC Date Night Challenge by New Year’s Eve last year but due to a myriad of different reasons, we were unable to complete all the letters. Fortunately we are both still committed to finishing the challenge because honestly it was really fun! We realized that it takes a little more time to plan our dates. Working around our demanding … Continue reading ABC date night challenge continues for 2014!

One Busy Saturday!

Saturday July 6th was an extremely busy day! I returned to my hometown on Friday night to attend my biannual family reunion. I always enjoy returning to South Carolina because I get to visit with all my family and friends. I am usually super bored at home in TX.  I only have my hubby and the deer to keep me company so returning to my … Continue reading One Busy Saturday!