SXSW x Tragedy.

I have written about wanting to tap into my social butterfly potential for months. Well yesterday I took the first step and attended SXSW solo! **applause applause applause** It took me a while but I finally mustered up enough courage to go to a day party at Waterloo Records all alone. Although I felt a little awkward at first, I quickly warmed up to my surroundings. I really enjoyed myself. Here is a pic of what I wore to the party.

Quick pic before heading out the door.
Quick pic before heading out the door.

It was so windy yesterday that I had to use my trench coat to battle the elements. I soon found out that I was a bit overdressed in the large crowd of people. Easy fix though, took off my coat and enjoyed the party. I was planning to go out to SXSW again this morning for a Neiman Marcus event but after hearing about the tragic turn of events at SXSW around midnight I am a bit reluctant to go. Apparently someone driving erratically sped through a crowd of party goers, injuring over 20 and killing 2. This news is very disturbing to me. People are here in Austin to enjoy themselves but now someone’s negligence has caused many people harm and others to became unfortunate eye witnesses to a traumatic event.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the injured for a speedy recovery and to the friends and family of the two people who passed away at the scene.  My prayers also go out to all the eye witnesses. As a nurse, I have assisted at the scene of a hit and run accident and stopped to help at many accident scenes. I know first hand how those images continue to replay in your mind for a while. I guarantee it does get better with time.

Have you attended any events at SXSW? What would you wear to a daytime party? Let me know in the comments below.







    1. Brittany

      SXSW is a huge music, interactive and film festival that takes place annually in Austin. People from around the world attend. This year there were over 50,000 in attendance for the 11 day festival.


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