How to Survive a Long Winter Vacation!

I have always been what I like to characterize as a busy body for as long as I can remember. I cannot stand being bored! I have 5 glorious weeks off from work starting December 5 and so I decided to create a plan to keep from going stir crazy in this time off. Luckily for me, 17 of those days I will get to spend with family and friends back home in SC for the holidays! But the other days will be spent alone as everyone else will be working. So here are the top seven activities I plan to implement  during my vacation.
Survival Kit
  1. Reading my Bible! I have been very consumed in my personal life lately so I have decided that I am going to make sure I dedicate myself to exploring more of God’s Word. I have even created a challenge on Facebook to keep myself motivated. If you are interested in knowing more about this challenge, please feel free to check out the group on FB.
  2. Learning something new! I would love to learn how to play the djembe. The djembe is an African hand drum. I have always loved the way they sound and so I want to learn how to play. You can take a listen at the drum in action here. A museum in my area actually offers classes to learn to play this instrument so I figured that would definitely keep me intrigued and give me the opportunity to meet new people.
  3. Making some jewelry. For those who don’t know I make jewelry sometimes in my spare time. I haven’t made as much as I usually do this year. So I plan to make some before I head home for the holidays. My family usually asks to see my pieces when I return home. I may show you guys some of my previous pieces so you can see my creativity.
  4. Experiment with different makeup looks and nail polishes. I don’t get to wear nail polish to work so I will definitely be keeping my nails manicured during this period. I also only know how to do basic makeup looks so I want to try some new looks inspired by YouTube. I most likely will not be sharing because I am not that confident in my abilities LOL!
  5. Catch up on my shows on TiVo on the lazy couch potato days.
  6. Taking lots of photos of friends, family, different places etc. Just  getting some lots of use out of my husband’s fancy Nikon camera 🙂
  7. Of course I would be remised if I didn’t include lots of BLOGGING and writing into my list! I have lots of ideas and I will most like have LOTS of time to get them on paper/ in print!

If you have a vacation coming up, what do you plan to do to keep from being bored? I would love to hear about it!

Until next post,

Britt <3


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