Spring Weekends as told by my iPhone

collage weekend1


The past few weekends have been a blur. It’s a good thing that I am obsessed with snapping photos with my iPhone or I may have forgotten about a lot of the good and not so good things that I have experienced in the last few weeks.

Here is a break down of the photos you see.

1 & 2. Getting my exercise in.

3. Lunch at Olive Garden

4. I finally made it to the beach in my hometown area 🙂 I love the beach.

5. The view from my grandmother’s hospital room on the day she passed away.

6. Hanging out with my nieces.

7. Got to see one of my childhood friends who I hadn’t seen in MANY years! He surprised me and came to my grandmother’s funeral :).

8.  Lots of flying to and from Texas.

9. My poor swollen face from a root canal. People lie. Root canals are painful especially if you are hard to get numb. I hope to never have to get another one-EVER!

10.  Dinner on the lake with some of my husband’s coworkers in honor of a coworker who passed away unexpectedly.

11. Dinner date with my love at an old school fish camp. The food was so good! The decor…not so much.

12.  My Easter swag 😉

13. Easter brunch at MiMi’s Cafe. These roasted chicken crepes were so delicious!

14.  I participated in the Relay for Life with my husband and his coworkers in honor of 5 members of my family who passed away from cancer. Only made it to 12:30 am though LOL.

15. My hubby and I went to a hot air balloon festival. Unfortunately it was too windy for the pilots to actually fly the balloons so they just used the propane flames to light up the runway instead.

16. Hubby and I had lunch outdoors at a local restaurant on the lake yesterday.

17. I have been enjoying nature for sure. Isn’t this tree beautiful?

18. Guess what?  I took some flying lessons! Can you believe it? I’m sure you guys would never believe that as much as I complain about my fear of flying here on CA LOL.  It was really cool to pose with this private plane at the balloon festival.

Whew! That’s a whole lot of fun in a few short weekends. I think today will be a lazy day to recoup from all of these experiences. I think I will prepare an old fashioned southern dinner for my hubby and I to enjoy this evening and catch Django Unchained finally since I just purchased the DVD.

What have you been up to this Spring? I would love to hear about it!

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