SOS Tag: July 5th

Today’s series of seven is as followed:

#1 I am currently obsessed with my new MacBook Pro! I love it!  I haven’t learned all the features that this machine has to offer yet but I know how to access the internet and upload photos so I guess that’s pretty good for now! I have even dressed it up in a little tiffany blue case with turquoise keyboard cover. For years I vowed that I would never buy an Apple laptop because they are expensive. But after having to replace my laptop 2x in the last 4 years I finally decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase. I am glad I did. Bye bye PC hello Apple!

#2 I am currently obsessed with strawberry shortcake! Oh my goodness! All that delectable goodness with the fresh whipped cream, sponge cake and sweet and juicy strawberries- I just can’t resist! I have my darling husband to thank for this. He made an awesome patriotic inspired treat for our guests yesterday & they were amazing! Here is a picture…try not to lick the screen 🙂Image

#3 I have been enjoying the book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer! It has truly been eye opening and life changing! If you like inspirational books, this is one that you don’t want to overlook the next time you make a book purchase. You can read an excerpt from it here .

#4 I have been enjoying my backyard patio! It is so cozy and even comes equipped with a ceiling fan for those extremely hot summer days here in Texas. My hubby and I have been spending many evenings relaxing out there, listening to all the bugs O_o! But even with the bugs its peaceful. I will probably miss the house when we move again in a couple of years.

#5 I enjoy looking at YouTube videos! (Don’t judge me!) I can spend hours on end looking at hauls, skits, beauty channels, whats in my bag videos, DIY videos and the list goes on!

#6 I have been obsessing over stripes and chevron print! I have always loved stripes and I really want a striped blazer (although they are not currently in trend).

#7 I have been studying the book of Daniel in the Bible for weeks now. It is a very interesting book about visions & dreams.

What on your SOS list today? Leave a comment below 🙂

Until next time,



  1. Akanksha

    Liked the 4th one most…mine could be…I am enjoying the freshly cooked home food ( actually I was in a job earlier, so could’nt have that luxury…) 😉

    1. brittany

      Hi Akanksha! I love a good home cooked meal as well! We have been eating at home a lot lately since we moved to the countryside. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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