Series of Seven (SOS) Tag

Hi everyone!

As I was sitting here dreaming up new posts for my new obsession (excuse me…blog) I came up with an ingenious idea! Ok maybe not ingenious but let me have my moment LOL! I have decided that I would start a tag post called the Series of Seven. This will give all my readers the opportunity to get some insight into who I am & what I enjoy doing, reading, etc on a daily basis. Basically it will be about my interests for the day. Sounds pretty fun right? Glad you think so because I would love if my fellow blogging buddies would join in! Just use the tag Series of Seven or leave me a link to your series in the comments section below. I would love to read it! I plan to do this either daily or every other day. But of course you don’t have to 🙂  Look forward to seeing your responses!

Until the next post,


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