#1. I enjoy watching the sunset each day. Although I have seen many sunsets, they never seem to disappoint. They are kind of significant of the fact that God graciously allowed me to make it through another day!

#2.I love affirmation art! They are very encouraging. Reading them daily after waking up is a simple way to get that extra boost of confidence needed to tackle any project you may have that day. I also like reading encouraging Bible scriptures but I love the fact that you can hang these on the wall and anyone from any religion can appreciate their meaning. I love surrounding myself with positivity.
FYI: The one pictured here can be found at Marshalls 🙂

#3. I enjoy drinking mocktails at the lakeside bars in my new location. My husband’s coworkers enjoy going out for drinks after work and they always invite us to tag along. Although I don’t drink alcohol, it doesn’t mean I can’t hang out , enjoy the view and look cool sipping on my frozen virgin strawberry daiquiri 😉 Hey someone has to be the designated driver!

#4 Since I am quickly approaching 30 I thought that it was about time that I started dabbling in makeup. I am by no means a professional but I’m learning. These are some of my favorite makeup products so far. I use them daily to create a natural look. I would recommend these products to anyone.
Pictured: Lorac Unzipped Palette found here
Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Lorac Private Affair Palette
Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brûlée

#5 I have been enjoying “shopping” in my closet. I have any endless amount of outfit possibilities that I have yet to discover. My challenge to not purchase any clothing items for the month has been going pretty well so  far. Although I have browsed some online shops, I have not had the urge to purchase anything (yet).

#6. I enjoy watching movies in bed with the hubby. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day. We just watched Contagion on DVD. P.S. If you are not a germophobe beforehand you will definitely be one after watching this!

And #7 I love talking to my parents & grandparents over the phone. Although we are far apart it helps to call and chat with them about their day. It keeps us close 🙂

So whats on your SOS list today?

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