Score @ Target this Fall :)

Do you love to find designer looks at budget friendly prices? Personally, I love a good deal. I enjoy searching for designer label items in thrift stores. I mean who can beat finding something like a Christian Dior blazer or a pair of Theory shorts for more than 85-90% less than the original retail price?  I have found some awesome things while thrifting for pennies on the dollar. But there are some times that I want to splurge a little on a designer item at a retail shop.

Well I have found a little solution for when I have my mind set on buying a designer item. I visit my local Target. You maybe thinking Target??? The place where you can buy housewares, groceries, and clothing? Yes that is the Target I am speaking of. (Well I actually have nicknamed it “Tar-jay” my sophisticated “fu-fu” nickname for Target LOL).  Anyway yes Target sometimes features designer items and I am definitely a fan. They have something called the Shops at Target which the place where designers feature their exclusive collection for Target. It is pretty awesome. I first found about it during the Missoni for Target craze. Many of you have probably heard about this, so I am sure if you have purchased anything from these collections you can attest to the awesomeness.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a Missoni item but I have been able to get at least one item from their designer lines since then. The last line was the Webster Miami for Target collection. It was really cool for summer. I got a scarf as well as a pair of wedges from that line. I will feature them in an outfit of the day soon.

Well anyway this fall (SEPT 9th be exact), the new line coming to the Shops at Target will be the Kirna Zabete collection. It looks to be very funky and colorful. You can check out a preview of what they will be offering here.  I am hoping to score on a couple of items from this collection as well. But if it’s anything like the Missoni line, it may be mission impossible. We will see. Well what do you think about the KZ collection? Would you purchase anything from the line? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

*Disclaimer I am not being paid, endorsed, etc. by Target to do this post! I just love sharing things with my fabulous readers 🙂 *


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