Scandal: The Cartoon

I am obsessed with ABC’s hit drama “Scandal’! Luckily about 3/4 of the population are just as obsessed as I am. This week’s episode left me speechless! Some days I want to break up with Scandal because it’s not good for my heart or my nervous system. Who am I kidding though? I would never be able to break this addiction cold turkey. I would definitely need ┬áScandal rehab. Anyway if you haven’t watched Scandal….you must be living under a rock or it must not air in your country. Otherwise there is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t be tuning in on Thursday nights to catch up on the suspense, drama, and craziness that is Scandal. I digress.

My friend on Facebook actually shared this cartoon that @KevonStage produced about this week’s Scandal episode. It was absolutely amazing and so creative. He did a great job. Check it out for yourself!

Are you a Scandal fanatic like I am? Tell me what you thought about this week’s episode! If you haven’t tuned into Scandal yet, get with the program. Netflix has seasons 1 and 2 online and ready to suck you in.


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