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Today was one of those days that I would have loved to have stayed in bed all day. It took everything in me not to call in. This bronchitis has really been kicking my butt! The hour commute to work didn’t make the situation any better! Fortunately the day went by very smoothly and very quickly (Thank God!!!). I was able to fight the horrible traffic in the city in just enough time to return to the countryside during sunset. The beautiful views on that country road made the trip even more worthwhile.


When I got home it appeared that the neighborhood deer were having a dinner party on my lawn. It amazes me that they come to my house every day around the same time at night. I guess they are creatures of habit. Too bad I had to break up the party. I kind of like the little grass I have remaining! Here is a picture of them making their mass exit from my yard.


Well thats the random tidbit for today! Hope you all had a fantastic day.

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  1. oh my i am truly jealous i would love to see deer feasting on my lawn! except i dont have one,. i am so soft i would grow grass just for them, you are very lucky my friend you have a job and deer on the lawn sorry that your bronchitis is getting you though but just think of the deer maybe you could get close up pictures of them? that woulds be so cool ! i hope you have a great day xx

    1. Thank you Shannon! I am feeling a bit better. Thank God! This is the longest I have ever had bronchitis. I was almost starting to wonder if I had something else lol! But I’m hoping it will be gone very soon because it definitely can put a damper in your plans. Hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day weekend 🙂

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