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This month’s theme for our Thrift It Clique photo shoot was personal style. Over the years my style has evolved tremendously. Thank God for growth because I have numerous photos that I look back at today and wonder what in the world was I thinking?! Throughout the years the one constant has been that my personal style has always included a layer of edginess. Mostly leather ’cause I put that on everything!! (Who knows where that saying came from? Let me know in the comments section.) I digress. Usually I would say that a fierce pair of heels, a feminine dress, and a leather jacket would be considered my signature style but for the past few months I have found myself gravitating towards a simpler tomboyish look. This look usually includes a pair of fitted jeans, a colorful top, some cute slip on sneakers or ballet flats, and a leather jacket.

I can’t even be bothered with heels at the moment. Hopefully this is not a sign that my age sneaking up on me. That my friends, would be a tragedy. Right now, I just want to be comfortable and stylish. Is that too much to ask? The only thing that I hate about wearing flat shoes is that you can tell that I am the size of a prepubescent middle schooler. Like seriously can I get one of those growth spurts overnight via FedEx? Please and thank you! Geez Louise! I was shortchanged back in the day.

My thrifted look for this month includes these amazing blue mirror glasses that I picked up from the French Market during my recent trip to New Orleans for the fabulous price of $6 and this cute Croft and Barrow turquoise sweater that I got from Thrift World in Lewisville for a whopping $2! I love how the pops of color amplify the chicness of this basic black outfit.

Photo credit: Gernelle Nelson 

It’s so simple to incorporate thrifted pieces into your wardrobe. My best tip would be to find a piece you love and reimagine at least three ways you can wear it with items currently in your wardrobe. If you can do that, run to the register and make that item yours.


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  1. Addie

    $2? You did that, girl! And yea, we were both “shortchanged” lol… we’re still cute, though! I love the edgy-chic style you rock, it is always so cute! =)

    1. creativityarise

      Thank you! We need to talk to someone about that growth spurt stat lol.

  2. Elle

    You are working that leather and those shades! I might ask to borrow them some time, hahah.

    1. creativityarise

      For sure! Thanks girl. You outdid yourself with these photos ?


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