Solo Traveler in New Orleans

Travel is my passion. One of the many perks about being married to a project manager that travels often for work is inviting myself to tag along on a business trip. Hubs gets to travel on the company’s dime and I get free hotel accommodations. When I learned that the he had to go to New Orleans for a […]

My Personal Style…lately

This month’s theme for our Thrift It Clique photo shoot was personal style. Over the years my style has evolved tremendously. Thank God for growth because I have numerous photos that I look back at today and wonder what in the world was I thinking?! Throughout the years the one constant has been that my […]

Slaying in Sweaters

This year, I am teaming up with a group of amazing women dubbed the Thrift It! Clique to present an inspiring series on how to style items purchased from a thrift store in different ways based on a common theme. This month’s theme was sweaters. It’s currently winter here in the States which means it’s definitely sweater […]