Orange you glad it’s Black Friday?!

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fabulous readers here in the States! I hope you all got to spend time with your loved ones and enjoyed some great food! My husband and I cooked so much food yesterday! I’m sure we will be remixing these dishes for days.

I am usually a certified Cyber Monday girl but this year my hubby wanted to head out to a few stores to join in on the madness. So we headed out to the city for a little retail therapy with one of our friends. There were so many people out and about trying to get a good deal.¬†As I walked around the outdoor mall, I realized why I don’t care for Black Friday. I am really not about that life!! People are rude and ruthless! They push and shove to make their way to the items they want without consideration for others. I am a petite girl and people kept running into me like I was invisible! At one point, I was so frustrated that I went and had a seat in a dressing room to regain my composure before braving the crowd to get out of the store. While resting in the fitting room, I was able to capture my outfit of the day. Nothing like a cute selfie to change your mood!


Fortunately I was able to manage to snag a few deals in the madness. Next year I will just enjoy shopping online in my pjs as I have done in the past.

P.S. Congratulations to Frank Mervin! You are the winner of the $25 iTunes card from the Thanks+Giving giveaway!

Did you go shopping for Black Friday? Tell me about your experience!

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